When will 2015 Recruit This Football Camps Be Held?

Check back early Feb for the dates and locations. If you have additional or more specific questions please contact us directly.

Who can attend the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combines?

The Recruiting Factory Elite Combines are a brand new series of elite combines and camps for athletes that are serious about getting on track to be recruited and want to improve their position based skills. The event is geared for current 9-12 high school athletes. The Recruiting Factory will make every effort to split athletes up by age and athletic level. See more at: (link back to sales page)

Who runs the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combines?

All Recruiting Factory Elite Combines are run by Recruiting Factory coaching staff members, which boast some of the most respected names and coaching experience in the industry. We don’t travel to regions and put local high school coaches on our staff. We pride ourselves that our staff travels together to each camp to ensure the absolute best experience is guaranteed for Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine participants.

What is the cost to attend Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combines?

The Recruiting Factory Elite Combines are a 1 Day camp and $399 $250 LIMITED TIME OFFER! per participant. If you register before April 22nd you can use promo code: RecruitThis to receive $40 off registration.

Can I make a deposit to pay for camp?

We do not take deposits for camps. We offer online payment processing for convenience. Accepted payment methods are all major credit cards or by check. Payment is due in full upon online registration. Once registration is processed athletes will have immediate access to their recruiting profile to begin filling out and updating. Checks to be made out to: Recruiting Factory, LLC.

Do you allow "walkup" registrants?

We do accept walkup registrants, however an additional administrative fee of $30.00 will be accessed so we encourage registering online.

What forms are required to be filled out?

All participants will need to fill out a medical release waiver and talent release form. Since pictures and videos will be taken throughout the day any athlete to be filmed or photographed must have talent release form completed and signed. If under 18 forms must be signed by parent or legal guardian. Forms will be attached to the registration confirmation email after payment has been processed. Completed forms can be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When does online camp registration close?

Registration online will close 1 day before the camp date. Is there a limit on the number of campers at each session? Yes. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is instructional, competitive and measures the athlete’s abilities. We will also be shooting position-based skills videos so we need to set a limit on the number of participants at each session. It is advised athletes sign up early as possible in order to guarantee a slot. Spots will sell quickly so make sure to register well in advance.

What does the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine fee include?

Coaching by top tier Recruiting Factory staff members along with current and former NFL athletes. Each participant will be tested in a combine format, receive a personalized video of their individual skills and their own personal online recruiting profile. Each athlete will also receive a camp shirt to wear during that day and the Recruiting Factory will provide food and hydration. Prospects will have to provide their own transportation to and from the camp. Other travel costs such as airfare and hotel are not covered. See more and view a demo profile: (link to demo player profile page)

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, because the Recruiting Factory is a private company and not affiliated with a college they are able to offer group or team discounts. Please “contact us” to ask us about the various discounts the Recruiting Factory can offer based on total number of participants.

What is the refund policy of the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine?

Must submit refund request through the Recruiting Factory’s “contact us” form. Must include the participant’s name, date and total refund amount. Refund requests must be made within 10 days prior to event or refund will not be given. No refunds will be provided for participants who become injured, sick, or have transportation issues the day of the camp.

What does the online recruiting profile include?

The Recruiting Factory online recruiting profile will house the athlete’s combine results and skills videos. They will also have the ability to update their physical attributes, academic standings, and upload game film if desired. Their online recruiting profile will give athletes direct access to send their recruiting profile to a database of over 52,000 college coaches in a personalized way from Junior College, NAIA, to NCAA Division I. The Recruiting Factory doesn’t believe in limiting an athlete like other recruiting services do however we strongly advise parents and athletes discuss with their coaches a realistic colligate level that fits their skill-set and overall potential. See more and view a demo profile: (link to demo player profile page)

Which tests will take captured during the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combines?

The Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine will test the 40-yard dash, agility drill, Kneeling Power Ball Toss, and Vertical Jump. These drills are typical of other combines and what college coaches expect to see. Athletes will be able to view their results and compare against athletes in their region or national recruiting class.

What happens at the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine?

Athletes will arrive at the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine and check in. They will receive their camp shirt, and have their photo taken before heading to the field to stretch. The athletes will be led through a dynamic warm-up, and will do a few short position specific drills (QBs, RBs, WR/TEs, OLs, DLs, LBs and DBs) with Recruiting Factory staff members to get acclimated to coaches and field conditions. Next the athlete’s will be broken up into groups based on their position and rotate at combine stations to be measured. There will be a break for lunch and will be provided by the Recruiting Factory. After lunch athletes will be led through another dynamic warm-up, with a few short position specific drills before beginning one-on-ones. The one-on-ones are the main event of the camp where WRs go against DBs, RBs go against LBs and OLs will battle DLs in a big man challenge. QBs will alternate throwing to WRs and RBs at different times with various routes. During these drills the Recruiting Factory will be filming athletes for their individual skills to be uploaded to their personal recruiting profile.

What are the player benefits for attending the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine?

Players participating in the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine will be given the chance to earn national exposure by competing against other top athletes in that camp’s region. Individual position skills video will be filmed and both current and former NFL players will give athletes high-level critiquing. Athletes will learn what it takes to compete at a high level, compare their abilities against others and walk away with everything they need to begin their recruiting journey. The Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine is a great way to improve overall position technique, and earn national recognition for top performances in each position.

What should athletes bring to the camp?

Players participating in the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine will need to bring a pair of cleats, court shoes a mouth guard and a pair of extra socks. Lunch and hydration will be provided during the camp but players are encouraged to bring their own snack/energy bar just in case.

Will you have medical training staff on location?

Yes. Fully qualified medical training staff personnel will be on site. In the event of a more serious injury, there are major hospitals located within 5 miles of the facility.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Safety is our #1 priority. With the exception of the Wisconsin location, in the event of severe weather (lightning/torrential rains), we must remain indoors until all clear. We ask athletes to bring indoor surface sneakers as a precaution in case the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine has to move indoors.

If a player is already being recruited, should they still attend the camp?

Yes, Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combines are not just another camp or combine. Athletes get tested, get filmed and receive an online recruiting profile. In addition athletes receive high-level coaching during position drills and have some serious fun with one-on-one competition. The athlete’s online recruiting profile not only houses their combine results and skills videos but allow them to access a college coach’s database. Simply put this three-part combination gives athletes even greater exposure, opportunity and gives them empowerment on being recruited.

What level of competition should a player expect at the camp?

Players at the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine should expect to go against other top players from their region. The Recruiting Factory will make every effort to split athletes up by age and athletic abilities so athletes are able to showcase their true potential to the fullest extent.

Would a poor time performance during the combine hurt my ability to be recruited?

Not every athlete can be listed on some national top 100 website. Besides that, those top lists only make up a very small percentage of total athletes and are compiled through self-promotion, and submission of a player application forms. Athletes and parents often have high expectations on results and need to understand these metrics are used as a benchmark giving the athlete a comparison to other athletes. This metric will also give athletes a baseline to define a goal to work against to improve as they progress throughout their high school career.

What if I think I made too many mistakes in my skills video, will it hurt being recruited?

No, because not every athlete is perfect and can perform mistake free. College coaches are trained to see good technique even through a miss step or lapse in technique. Having a video true that includes a few athletic mistakes allows college coaches to more effectively see an athlete’s true athletic potential. College coaches do not want to see another perfect highlight reel to the beat of the athlete’s favorite track.

Are parents allowed to watch the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine?

Yes. However, due to insurance reasons, it is mandatory that all non-participants remain in the stands or parent designated area. During Recruiting Factory Elite Combine athletes may feel extra pressure to perform therefore we ask parents to be encouraging and refrain from giving constructive feedback on their performance.

Can participants and parents request autographs from the NFL athletes?

Yes. However, the Recruiting Factory asks these requests be made at the conclusion of the Recruiting Factory Elite Football Combine and for the participating athletes only. All coaches and staff members will be working and focused on providing the best experience possible. Fulfilling autographs during the session takes away from the registered participants. At the conclusion of the camp pictures with the Recruiting Factory coaching staff and athletes will be taken and emailed digital to all registered participants as a keepsake.

If you have additional or more specific questions please contact us directly.