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Search our database of over 52,000 college coaches and send your profile to them directly. No other site gives you that kind of access. With our expertise we'll help craft a profile to get you where you want to go.

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You've got the skills. We'll help you showcase them in a way that makes college coaches take notice. We put you right where you want to be–on the recruiting map and in touch with the schools you really want to attend.

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About Us

We are a team of real professional athletes blended with advertising gurus that assist high school athletes get recruited. We simplify the process to deliver impactful online profiles to college coaches at any division.

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Former World Series MVP Jermaine Dye's Baseball Camp

JD's Baseball Camp is coming to the Chicago area this summer and is designed for high school athletes to improve on position fundamentals and prepare for competition in high school, college and beyond. Check out the promo video to see what his camp is all about.

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Growing up in rural Florida, Ryan could have ended up working on the farm just as easily as playing ball if his older brothers hadn't put his town on the recruiting map, Ryan may never have been discovered. Fortunately, his recruitment took off and ultimately led to a free college education, Big Ten football and a 14-year NFL career. And he learned a lot along the way. Ryan's insights and connections are a driving force behind everything we're able to do for athletes.

Ryan Pickett
2010 Super Bowl Champion

I can only do so much for my athletes.

"I want my kids to graduate high school and go to college. I'm thankful to the Recruiting Factory for providing a great recruiting tool our young men can use."

Zephyrhills High School Football Coach
Reggie Roberts

Play Where You Want To Play

Getting a profile on Recruit This is all about stepping up and taking control of your college recruitment. It puts you in the spotlight. And gives you a say in who comes calling.

When you sign up, you start by building a profile that's been designed based on input from top college coaches and ex-players. We know what schools are looking for and we know how to make you look good. Whatever your sport, we'll help you put your best foot forward through stats, photos, highlights, skills videos and more.


You Got Skills. Show Them.

The key difference, however, is our colossal database which lets you to send your profile to any coach in the country. Maybe you like a school's athletic tradition. Or their location. Or their business program. Or maybe you just like the color orange. Recruit This is the only service that empowers you to decide who, what, when and where.

Being able to pick targets and send out your profile has other big-time advantages. With so much competition for scholarships, you can get on a school's radar well before coaches are allowed to contact you directly. It's a smart way to get a leg up on anybody hoping to beat you to that scholly.






About Us

    The quick answer? We're a team of experts that live and breathe recruiting. We know the game. And we know how to get you where you want to be. Behind it all are two pros––Super Bowl Champ Ryan Pickett and World Series MVP Jermaine Dye. They started Recruit This to give back to the athlete community and help motivated players chase their dreams.


Group Discount?

We offer special group discounts for our recruiting platform which is great for High Schools, AAU or club programs that are on a budget. Contact us to set-up a free, no hassle demo and how Recruit This can help your kids take charge of their recruitment.


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